Nov 17th - Nov 25th - 20 Year anniversary Sale! 30% Off Everything ! November 19 2017

We are 20 Years Strong  ! And We’re Celebrating !

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20 Year Anniversary ! Can't believe it ! It's been a great 20 years of challenges, ups and downs, with constant changes . I've gone through it all. Including A generation starting up on the Internet ... Cassette to Cd to VHS to DVDs to Blu Rays .... Mp3 to downloading ... streaming. I've watched Video Stores go under, small community theatres disappear. things that meant something ... all gone.

And you know , people still appreciate what I do. Collections have gone slowly down to nothing... just an empty space on a shelf. They're now starting to realize that owning your own collection means having a physical object that you can see, touch, hold, and display on your shelf. It means connecting with the thing itself, knowing that it is yours. And it means knowing that you can watch a movie whenever you want or listen to a great record, with all the pops ,clicks , as many times as you want, in the highest possible quality.

The memories are still there and we want to keep them alive . Slowly collections are coming back .The internet and the computer age is losing it's grip . It's great to see Vinyl Records as my #1 sales now on Retro Revolution Records . For most people now, their shelves are starting to fill again with a smaller number of items , all hand picked , cds, dvds, blu rays, Vinyl records . Movies and Music that they'll continue to enjoy. I believe all collections will start to grow again .

I'm so glad to continue on as a Nostalgia Merchant " Bringing The Past To The Present " . Thanks to Bernice , with her love and her support Ive seen 20 great years ! And knowing that I'll always be doing what I love for a living , sharing with others means something . And for my great family support , Ryan and Sean for their Technical support and their listening moments , when I needed a second opinion or some great advise.

I'm looking forward to many more great years ahead. It's exciting doing what you love every day ! Who would have thought 20 years ... wow.