Dirty Harry/Magnum Force (Action Double Feature) [Blu-ray] Mint Used


Dirty Harry / Magnum Force Blu Ray Mint Used

"Dirty Harry" and "Magnum Force" are arguably the two best Dirty Harry flicks, although fans can argue about this endlessly. This double feature is too good to pass up and for the price is an outrageous bargain. The mastering/remastering here is very good, and fans will like having a Blu-Ray copy of these films in the library. "Dirty Harry" is a classic "Good versus Evil" film (has any villain ever been more evil than the villain in this film?) while Magnum Force, by contrast, warns of vigilantism and the danger of cops taking the law into their own hands. Messages aside, these are excellent, fast-paced films that entertain with humor, violence, and Eastwood's best acting ever. Highly recommended.

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