1979 Parker Brothers Mad Magazine Card Game- Alfred E Neuman- Complete-Vintage


1979 Parker Brothers Mad Magazine Card Game- Alfred E Neuman- Complete-Vintage

with Box, Card Holder, Instruction &  76 Cards & 4 Blank Cards

in great shape - very slight box wear

The Mad Magazine Card Game was published by Parker Brothers in 1979 as a blend of UNO and Crazy Eights. All of the cards feature Alfred E. Neuman, the mascot of MAD Magazine. The object is to be the first player to lose all cards.

The deck consists of the following cards:

  • 48 suit cards: four suits, each with cards numbered 1-6
  • Eight "Which way?" cards (two in each suit), which can be used to change turn direction (like "Reverse" in Uno, but it's optional).
  • Four "Give someone two cards from your hand" cards (one in each suit)
  • Four "Draw 1 you varmints" cards (one in each suit), which force all the other players to draw.
  • Four "wild!" cards
  • Three "wild! & wooly!" cards, showing Alfred with a ball of yarn, which lets the player force an opponent to draw three cards.
  • Two "What me worry? You worry!" cards, showing Alfred as a martial artist, which can be used turn an attack (such as "Wild and Wooly", above) right back at the person who played it. (In this case, the person who played the Wild and Wooly card has to draw the three cards himself!)
  • Two "Exchange your hand with anyone" cards
  • One Joker, used to end the game if its holder has three or fewer cards left

The pictures on the six numbered cards in each suit are like panels in a comic strip, and each portrays Alfred in one of four costumes:

  • Red: Alfred is shown in unraveling thermal underwear (a "union suit").
  • Yellow: Alfred is shown in an astronaut's uniform (a "space suit"), descending toward a yellow planet.
  • Green: Alfred is shown in a leisure suit, with food thrown at him from both sides.
  • Blue: Alfred is shown in a progressively fragmented suit of armor.

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