Child's Play/howling (DVD) - Mint Used DVD Set


Child's Play / howling (DVD) - Mint Used DVD Set


Thanks to a voodoo curse, the spirit of a serial killer possesses Chuckie, an innocent-looking child's doll which proceeds to go on a killing spree. The doll's owner, a young boy, must stop Chuckie and prove that he is not the killer in this popular and fast-paced, if familiar, slasher.


Joe Dante directed this sleek, post-modernist horror film concerning the relationship between contemporary lycanthropy and pop psychology. Dee Wallace is Karen White, a driving but innocent television anchor woman who tries to scoop the competition by using herself as bait to capture roving psycho killer Eddie Quist (Robert Picardo). She agrees to meet Eddie in a run-down sex shop, but doesn't realize her camera crew has lost contact with her. As they talk in a porno movie booth, Eddie undergoes a transformation that shocks Karen. The police arrive and kill Eddie, but Karen is so traumatized she blocks out memories of her encounter with Eddie. Searching for answers to what happened with Eddie, she consults with Dr. George Waggner (Patrick Macnee), who performed Eddie's psychological profile. He recommends that Karen and her husband Bill (Christopher Stone) take time off and visit his health resort, The Colony. Once at The Colony, however, Karen is unable to relax. She is rattled by some of the other guests and is disturbed by the continuous howling she hears at night. Members of The Colony try to calm Karen's fears by forming a search party, but they can find nothing unusual. Meanwhile, Bill meets Marsha (Elizabeth Brooks), who signals to Bill that she is attracted to him. Bill leaves Marsha, but walking back home to Karen, he is attacked and bitten by a wolf. Karen calls to tell her friend Terry (Belinda Balaski) the news. Terry immediately drops everything and heads to The Colony -- she has been doing her own investigation of the Eddie Quist case and was told by the owner of an occult book store (Dick Miller) that Eddie may have been a werewolf. Suspecting that Bill may become a werewolf himself after his attack, she races to The Colony to rescue Karen. But Bill has already met Marsha during the height of the full moon. As they make passionate love in the forest, they both transform into wolves.


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