Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers ‎– Off The Map -1986- Folk, World, & Country (Vinyl)


Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers ‎– Off The Map -1986- Folk, World, & Country (Vinyl)

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Garnet Rogers (born May 1955) is a Canadian folk musician, singer, songwriter and composer. He was born in Hamilton, Ontario with roots in Nova Scotia.[1] He began his professional career working with his brother, folk musician Stan Rogers,[2] and arranging Stan's music.

Despite Stan Rogers' death on June 2, 1983 (just a few weeks before Stan, Garnet and bass player Jim Morison were to tour the US), Garnet Rogers has pursued his own career since then.[3]

At first, Rogers had difficulty getting a permit from the U.S. Immigration Service, which only granted one after a campaign on his behalf was launched by OdettaThe Boston Globe, and a PBS TV station in New York.[citation needed]

While his brother's style of writing was more traditional and often based on Canadian Maritime styles, Rogers' style is more modern, utilizing influences from bluesrockcountry/bluegrass, and classical.[4]

Rogers' instruments include the guitar, mandolin, violin, and flute. In live performances, he usually sits beside a guitar rack that includes three vintage Gibson acoustic guitars, a National guitar, a Fender Stratocaster, and sometimes a Hammertone Octave 12 (half-scale electric 12-string guitar).[5]

Rogers' songs include The Outside TrackAll That IsSleeping BuffaloNight DriveUnder The Summer MoonlightSummer LightningSmall Victory, and Frankie and Johnny. They range from slices of life to mild social commentary and humour. His humour is also seen in his on-stage banter between songs,[2] mostly unrecorded, except for a couple of interludes on his brother's posthumous album, "Home in Halifax". In addition, Garnet has covered other folk artists' work, including Roy Forbes' (Bim's) Woh Me, and Archie Fisher's The Final Trawl. His collaborators include Doug McArthur and Doug Long.[6]

Rogers has also written "Night Drive," a memoir of his travels with his brother Stan, who died in a fire aboard an Air Canada flight in 1983.


Archie Macdonald Fisher MBE (born 23 October 1939) is a Scottish folk singer and songwriter.[1] He has released several solo albums since his first, eponymous album in 1968. Fisher composed the song "The Final Trawl", recorded on the album Windward Away, that several other groups and singers, including The Clancy Brothers, have also recorded. Starting in the mid-1970s, he produced four folk albums with Makem and Clancy. He also performed with them and other groups as a backup singer and guitarist. He hosted his own radio show on BBC Radio Scotland for almost three decades.

Snow Goose Songs ‎– SGS-1112
Vinyl, LP


A1 Borderland 3:30
A2 The Mosstrooper's Lament 2:58
A3 The Long And Lonely Winter 2:25
A4 The Winter It Is Past 2:20
A5 The Laird Of Udny 4:00
A6 Lassie O' The Morning 5:00
A7 Joy Of My Heart 3:08
B1 Ettrick 2:27
B2 Mallie Leigh 2:30
B3 The Final Trawl 3:52
B4 The Boatie Rows 3:00
B5 The Last Leviathan 5:00
B6 Rolling Home 6:55

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