Arvo Part -Miserere CD


Spiritually moving, sublimely austere, and eloquently expressive, Arvo Pärt's "Miserere" is among the Estonian composer's most profound statements within his growing liturgical canon. In the years since this recording's release, Part has become well-known for his unique compositional style, in which, with the simplest of tools, he creates an impression of music suspended in time, where sound, melody, and harmony mingle in such a way that we sense both movement and stasis. With its opening chant-like melody, minor triad harmony, solo voice, and clarinet, "Miserere" quietly unfolds as if from an eternal existence--until suddenly, the mood is shattered as a chorus and larger instrumental contingent deliver a harrowing rendition of the "Dies irae." In the calm that follows, quietness holds as much meaning as musical sound. And so Pärt leads us on an unforgettable journey--a musical miracle, faithfully and reverently proclaimed by the masters of this repertoire, the Hilliard Ensemble.


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