Brother -Black Stone Tramp cd ( Autographed )


1. Granny & Rory MacLeod
2. All I know
3. Falling
4. Mr. Maintenance
5. He`den.bro
6. Paddys leather breeches
7. Dirty Reeds
8. The clumsy lover
9. Take you back (verandah version)
11. The masons apron

12. Carry me


From the Artist

It was a baptism of fire for Dalbo, our new drummer. Two rehearsals, a packed Troubadour gig in LA, a five week tour crossing the USA twice, writing and rehearsing in hotel rooms between shows then straight into the studio to slam down the album in six days! The working title, Back in Blackwatch (an obscure tribute to AC/DC) was replaced, after much deliberation, with a combination of the Celtic myth, The Black Stone of Ardu, and a term used by Australian Swaggies - on the tramp - which means 'on the road' or 'on a long journey'. Staple diet: Coffee, Chinese takeaway, coffee.
AUTOGRAPHED ON THE INSIDE COVER ~In great shape - like new cd
# 1175

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