Caine Mutiny, The -1988


Unlike the 1954 film that starred Humphrey Bogart as Herman Wouk's most famous creation, Captain Queeg, this Robert Altman version from 1988 deals primarily with the trial at the center of Wouk's novel (and subsequent Broadway play). Made for TV at a point when Altman was having problems getting features financed, this version offers a decidedly different Queeg in the late Brad Davis. Relieved of his duties by more in-control junior officers during a typhoon, Queeg brings charges against them. Queeg is paranoid but rigidly militaristic, the picture of an officer in control--until defense attorney Eric Bogosian gets him on the stand. A much more compact and psychologically subtle version of the story than the one directed by Edward Dmytryk, this film also stars Peter Gallagher and Jeff Daniels.

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