Casting the Runes Mint DVD


Casting the Runes Mint DVD

Ghouls! Early 20th century short story turned film. Characteristic of author Montague Rhodes James who used more words depicting eeriness and horror than the ghost or being itself. His classic ghosties were short, often 20 pages or less, but packed. Some will object, preferring today's writing and filming where all the emphasis is placed on the occultist image, not the victim. The movie moves fast, and leaves much of the ghoul's characteristics left to the imagination of the viewer, just like M.R. James (1862-1936). Today's stories require much blood, witchcraft, and dramatic action; but CASTING THE RUNES allows the atmospheric view to inspire the viewer to greater heights of fear. OK, I jumped once.

SUBTITLED feature begins with the same beautiful eeriness of early master paintings of Andrew Wyeth, neutrals in winter. The story name comes from an action of writing a spell onto a paper and delivering it to the victim; who then has the option to reverse the spell by personally returning the note.
The novel story of 22 pages is played satanically by Iain Cuthbertson (Painted Lady) as the bad guy; Jan Francis (Dracula) as the beautiful next victim; and tosses in several others who are well known on Brit film soil, like Edward Petherbridge (The Brief Complete Collection).
47 min. modernized 1979 adaptation, since the book appeared prior to TVs and jet travel.
Enjoy it for what it is.

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