Dream Warriors -And Now The Legacy Begins cd


Artist: Dream Warriors
Format: CD
Release Year: 2003
Record Label: Spectrum
Genre: Pop, R&B, Rap

Track Listing
1. Mr. Bubbunut Spills His Guts
2. My Definition of Boombastic Jazz Style
3. Follow Me Not
4. Ludi
5. U Never Know a Good Thing till U Lose It
6. And Now the Legacy Begins
7. Tune From the Missing Channel
8. Wash Your Face in My Sink
9. Voyage Through the Multiverse
10. U Could Get Arrested
11. Journey On
12. Face in the Basin
13. Do Not Feed the Alligators
14. Twelve Sided Dice
15. Maximum 60 Lost in a Dream
16. Answer For the Owl


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