Extreme Adventure Fun Vol.7 DVD ( Disney )


Extreme Adventure Fun Vol.7 DVD ( Disney )

Those who enjoy classic Disney animation but are not enthusiastic enough to collect the comprehensive Walt Disney Treasures series must be glad that the studio began this year to offer an alternative. Low-priced samplings of vintage shorts are now available as part of a line called Walt Disney's Classic Cartoon Favorites. For roughly $10 a volume, you get roughly an hour of animated shorts from the heyday of the format. No numbered limited edition tin, no replica of artwork, and no bonus features whatsoever. All of that will continue to be left to the Treasures, the fifth wave of which is shaping up nicely and expected to arrive this December.

The Classic Cartoon Favorites instead simply deliver to you the cartoons in the remastered quality expected from earlier presentations on the digital format. Whereas the first four volumes of the line were centered on characters, this second wave arranges its shorts thematically. Volume 7 - Extreme Adventure Fun follows Donald, Goofy, and (in one short) Mickey outdoors and on the road. The settings provide a source of primarily visual comedy and serve to link the otherwise unrelated shorts.

As usual, most of these cartoon shorts have been released before as part of the collector-friendly Treasures line. Three of the eight have not been on DVD until now, though two (No Sail, Old Sequoia) are likely to turn up in the second Chronological Donald volume expected before year's end, and the last (Trailer Horn) in a future Donald set.

Nonetheless, this single disc does not fail to bring you an hour of entertaining shorts which remain diverting many decades after they were made. Three shorts center on Goofy, the clumsy anthropomorphic dog, and thankfully these do not adhere to one specific formula. Three shorts star Donald, the irascible duck who has always finds a reason for rage. Donald and Goofy team together for No Sail, in which their differing personalities provide a source of humor. Finally, those two are joined by Mickey in Mickey's Trailer, the oldest and most delightful cartoon on the disc.

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