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Fairuz - Legendary (Lebanon) Best of CD

Fairuz - Legendary (Lebanon) Best of CD

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Fairuz - Legendary (Lebanon) Best of CD


Track Listings

1. Beirut Hal Zarafat
2. Ya Mina El Habayeb
3. Amman
4. Al Kuwait
5. Hamaltu Beirut
6. Misr Adat

7. Baghdad Wal Chouarra


Her legend continues to dwell in the shadow of the great Um Kalthoum, but the voice and fame of this Lebanese legend are really just as potent, and after decades of immeasurable fame in the Arab world, her incredible body of work is beginning to get recognition everywhere else. This collection of her music is one of the best introductions you could ask for, given that it not only presents some of her most brilliant work, but it does so via live recordings before her adoring audiences. The works presented here are all major orchestral accompaniments written and directed by her long-lived partners, the Rahbani brothers. Lebanese and pan-Arabic folk instruments are mixed with a western orchestral arsenal of excessive strings and woodwinds. The sound is huge, but to contain a voice like this, maybe huge is what they needed. The voice of Fairuz is undeniable--rich, complex and soulful
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