Fugitive , The : Vol. 2, Season 1 DVD Set


The Fugitive: Vol. 2, Season 1 DVD Set

Volume 2 completes the 1st season of this outstanding series. It includes some key episodes, such as "Search in a Windy City," Kimble's first encounter with the one-armed man since the night of Helen Kimble's murder. Also included in "Season 1, Volume 2" is the the finely executed and inspirational two-part episode "Angels Travel On Lonely Roads." "Taps For a Dead War" gives us a glimpse of Kimble's past as a medic in Korea, and in "Storm Center," we learn about a past ethical dilemma he had to deal with as a doctor. "The End Game" makes for a fitting close to the season, and incorporates a little more comic relief than is typical of the characteristic heavy drama of the series.

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