It's a Small World of Fun, Vol. 2 DVD


It's a Small World of Fun, Vol. 2 DVD


PEDRO (previously made available on as a part of the "Saludos Amigos" DVD)
Papa Plane and Mama Plane ferry mail over the Andes mountains, but one day both Mama and Papa Plane get sick and can't go. Little Pedro is called on, and despite a big condor, a bigger mountain and a very big storm, Pedro saves the day.

THE OLYMPIC CHAMP (previously made available on "Walt Disney Treasures: The Complete Goofy" DVD)
Goofy gives his own hilarious history of the Olympics in this comical look at the famous sporting event. Goofy demonstrates, as only he can, hurdles, pole vaulting, discus, javelin throwing and more.

PETER AND THE WOLF (previously made available as part of the "Make Mine Music" DVD)
The tale of Peter and the Wolf is told with superb Disney animation and musical accompaniment. Peter goes hunting for a large wolf with a duck, cat and a bird, but the wolf turns out to be a lot harder to catch than Peter first realized.

THE BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR (previously made available on "Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Living Color" and "The Sword in the Stone" DVDs)
In medieval times Mickey plays a little tailor who is mistaken for a giant killer. The king appoints Mickey to destroy a nearby giant, with the prize being the hand of the fair princess Minnie. Mickey has to use his brains to outwit the giant's brawn.

CRAZY WITH THE HEAT (NEW TO DVD, but announced to be on the "Disney Treasures: Chronological Donald 3" DVD release December 11 2007)
Donald and Goofy run out of gas while traveling through the desert, and start to see mirages.

SUSIE, THE LITTLE BLUE COUPE (previously made available as bonus feature on "The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad" [you have to win the Mr.Toad Road Game to view it] and "The Love Bug" DVDs)
Susie, in an auto showroom, is bought by a man who takes good care of her but as time passes she grows older and her owner trades her in. She has a succession of unfortunate owners who mistreat her, and just as she is about to be abandoned in a junkyard, an eager young man buys here, tinkers with her, and soon has her running again.
Near Mint - a few light marks on the disc

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