Kung Fu Killer DVD - David Carridine


Kung Fu Killer DVD - David Carridine

Kill Bill stars David Carradine and Daryl Hannah reunite for this two-part television mini-series set in late 1920s China, and following a Wudang monk and a vengeful lounge singer on their violent quest to assassinate the man responsible for killing their loved ones and destroying their lives. The orphaned son of Western missionaries, White Crane (Carradine) was trained by Wudang monks to become a spiritual leader and martial arts master. When Kahn Xin (Lim Kay Tong) and his murderous henchmen kill White Crane's mentor during a brutal raid on the Wudang temple, Crane infiltrates the Shainghai underworld on a mission to track Kahn down and ensure that justice is served. But during the course of his quest, Crane crosses paths with Jane Marshall (Hannah), a nightclub singer from Manhattan who also has a score to settle with Kahn. Kahn has kidnapped Jane's brother and the time to rescue him is fast running out. When Crane and Jane realize Kahn's diabolical plans are in fact much more ambitious and malevolent than previously suspected, they hatch a daring plan to enter his inner circle and destroy his gang from the inside out. Later, just as everything begins to fall into place and Kahn's empire quickly begins to crumble, Crane suddenly faces a serious moral dilemma - how can he reconcile his all-consuming hunger for revenge with the peaceful teachings of his Wudang mentors? Later, as Crane returns to help rebuild the fallen Wudang temple, he receives word that his old nemesis Bai Tang has kidnapped Jane back in Shanghai. Now, in order to prevent Jane from being forced into a life of sexual slavery, Crane and his faithful protégé Bingo (Osric Chau) set out to rescue her before all hope is lost.


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