Lovejoy - Series 3 (DVD Set) New sealed


Lovejoy - Series 3 (DVD Set) New sealed

This third season, finds the basic foursome of Lovejoy, Tinker, Lady Jane and Eric now moving very easily in character. Those who enjoyed the first season but found the quality of film and production a tad hoary will delight in the increasing quality of production values without any sacrificing of the stories inherent lightness of touch. Indeed, this and the next season will be the high points of the entire series.

The first two stories open ominiously, to say the least, for all of us who can't get enough of the captivating Beatrice and Benedict edge between Lady Jane and antiques self-taught expert and divy Lovejoy. A new woman appears and sweeps Lovejoy off his feet.

From that point things bubble up and over with just enough general surprises to warrant calling this all something of a classic. Ian McShane continues his march into television immortality as the ruggedly handsome womanizer who loves antiques with a surprisingly pure devotion despite his inherently too clever by half nature. Phyllis Logan sets just the right touch of proper crust and breeding for countering Lovejoy's hornswoggling inclinations, while Dudley Sutton's Tinker is a complete joy to watch. Chris Jury as Eric more and more convinces as a solid fourth, and one has only to sit back and enjoy one of the treats of modern television.

Season Four, may be the best season of all.

Highest recommendation!
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