Madman (Widescreen) DVD Mint Used Horror Classic !


Madman (Widescreen) DVD Mint Used Horror Classic !

One of the better body-count knockoffs in the wake of Friday the 13th's screaming success, Madman starts out in familiar territory: a summer camp. The legend of berserk farmer "Madman Marz" is told in a campfire prologue. "It is said if you say his name above a whisper in the woods, he will hear you... and he will come for you." Needless to say, some idiot cries his name out and a hulking killer in overalls and a wild fright wig arrives with mayhem on his mind. He hacks his way through the camp counselors, lynching, chopping, beheading, and in general making a meat market of the twentysomethings. Director Joe Giannone executes it all with a little style and creativity, borrowing ideas from better-known productions: the ghost-story spookiness of John Carpenter's The Fog, a minimalist synthesizer score reminiscent of Halloween, a few nods to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and plenty of Friday the 13th-inspired stalk and slash. The film's only real weaknesses are its competent-at-best performances, but the effects are fine and the clichés are tweaked just enough to keep the audience guessing.

The DVD features commentary by director Giannone, producer Gary Sales, and stars Tony Fish and Paul Ehlers, along with TV spots and a trailer.

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