Moby Grape ‎– Moby Grape -1967 - Psychedelic Rock (rare vinyl) "middle finger" cover


Moby Grape ‎– Moby Grape -1967 -  Psychedelic Rock (rare vinyl) "middle finger" cover

stock photo only - NO POSTER

This is a First issues showing Don Stevenson giving the "middle finger" on his washboard. The gesture was airbrushed off of the cover and poster photos on later issues.

Moby Grape's first album was released in the USA with a large poster, repeating the cover image. The first issue has an image of the band with Don Stevenson ''giving the finger'' on both cover and poster. As this was (belatedly) considered to be obscene, the second issue featured the same images, but with the offending finger airbrushed away.
Unfortunately some of the ''finger'' covers and posters slipped through after the change. That means that there are copies with ''finger'' cover and airbrushed poster and vice versa. Sealed copies (which are still around) should be checked to see if the poster is present and, of course, to see which image was used.

Label:Columbia ‎– CL 2698
Format:Vinyl, LP, Mono
Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~ 6 - age wear / paper missing from the back cover 
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10)
Side 1 - 6-7  ( scuffing all round lp ) fairly light marks
side 2 -  6-7  ( scuffing all round lp ) fairly light marks
BIN # 94


1 Hey Grandma
2 Mr. Blues
3 Fall On You
4 8:05
5 Come In The Morning
6 Omaha
7 Naked, If I Want To
8 Someday
9 Ain't No Use
10 Sitting By The Window
11 Changes
12 Lazy Me

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