Power Station 33 1/3 -1985 Pop Rock ( vinyl )


The Power Station 33 1/3 LP album -1985
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Artist - The Power Station
Title - 33 1/3
Label & Ser # ~ Capital Records # SJ12380
Format ~ 1- lp , 8 tracks, Black Vinyl, 12-inch , 33 rpm, LP.
Year of release ~ 1985
Country Manufactured ~ Canada
Genre / Style:
Pop Rock
Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) 9
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~10
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10)
Side # 1- 10
Side # 2 - 10
in excellent shape
BIN *14 /28 / * 53 in awesome shape- punch hole in cover

Bin  *165 - great shape 

On July 23, Duran Duran's charity concert at Villa Park 1983 took place in aid of MencapDuran Duran had been known to be huge fans of Robert Palmer so he was invited to take part.

After Duran Duran's third album Seven and the Ragged Tiger, the members of the band went on a planned short hiatus, going into two projects. One of these was the band Arcadia, which maintained the melodic and atmospheric aspects of Duran Duran's previous recordings. The other was The Power Station, in which John and Andy Taylor worked with Palmer, Thompson, and Edwards to create a rhythmic, harder rock, funk sound. Roger Taylor was mainly the drummer for Arcadia but also contributed percussion to The Power Station.

The group began as something of a whim — it was a one-time gathering of friends to provide backing to model and would-be singer Bebe Buell who wanted to record a cover of the 1972 T. Rex song "Get It On (Bang a Gong)". Both John and Andy Taylor were eager to branch out from the synthesizer-heavy pop of Duran Duran and play some Led Zeppelin-flavored rock and roll. The participation of their idols from Chic lent the project a horn-inflected funk vibe that meshed surprisingly well with the crunching guitars and booming drums.[1]

Soon the project evolved into the idea of a revolving supergroup; a tentative name for the band was Big Brother. The original plan for the one-album project was for the three musicians (Taylor, Taylor and Thompson) to provide musical continuity to an album full of material, with a different singer performing on each track. Those who were approached included Mick JaggerBilly IdolMars Williams, and Richard Butler (of The Psychedelic Furs), and Mick Ronson.[2]

The group then invited Robert Palmer to record vocals for the track "Communication". When he heard that they had recorded demos for "Get It On (Bang a Gong)", he asked to try out vocals on that song as well. Before long, they had decided to record the entire album with Palmer. The group was quickly signed with Capitol Records.

A1 Some Like It Hot
A2 Murderess
A3 Lonely Tonight
A4 Communication
B1 Bang A Gong (Get It On)
B2 Go To Zero
B3 Harvest For The World
B4 Still In Your Heart

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