Scream Trilogy - Boxed Set DVD


Scream Trilogy - Boxed Set DVD

The first SCREAM was a sensational, inspired, brilliant hit that was sooo frightening because it was so true to life. The acting was exquisite, and especially tense in the beginning scene with Drew Barrymore. Neve Campbell is excellent as Sidney Prescott, and Skeet Ulrich portrays Billy very well. Jamie Kennedy is great as Randy; Matthew Lillard is a good comedic relief as Stu; David Arquette is excellent as Dewey; Courtney Cox is relishing in her rudeness as Gale; and Rose McGowan is the perfect actress for Tatum. Everything about the first film is basically the definition of perfection in the horror/thriller genre. Then, in part two, the acting is exquisite again, and the horror is so real and terrifying. Not as good as part one, but one of the best sequels I have seen. "Scream 3" has some of the cliched horror movie flaws that make it less believable, but still, very frightening. Good job, Wes Craven. What a brilliant director! Kevin Williamson is an exceptional writer, and everyone involved has done wonderfully. I highly recommend this box set for fans of "SCREAM" and of movies similar to "SCREAM". It has great extra features. There's a whole disc of extra features, including the Making Of all three Screams.

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