Shark 4-Pack - 4 great Movies ( 2 Dvd ) Set New / Sealed


Shark 4-Pack - 4 great Movies ( 2 Dvd ) Set New / Sealed


Dinoshark (1 Star): "Dinoshark," in the pantheon of similar B-movie larks, has relatively little to distinguish it from the pack and, therefore, stands as a rather bland example of a creature feature. A prehistoric shark just isn't that compelling in relationship to some of the more lunatic creations we've seen from the SyFy network. Well, this thinly plotted epic is about a long extinct sea beast who is released from his icy tomb and is hungry. Actually, he leaves quite a few body parts lying around, so maybe he just likes to kill. Eric Balfour is in Puerto Vallarta chartering a boat for a friend when this outbreak of carnage begins. The failing of "Dinoshark" is really three-fold. The creature is fairly uninteresting, the performances are lackluster, and, most deadly, the film lacks any real humor or individuality. You've seen it all before and I guarantee that you've had more fun with it! The lack of genuine fun, intentional or otherwise, is really what causes this movie to sink under its own weight. There are just much better examples of this genre that provide madcap nuttiness that you can really laugh along with.

Sharktopus (3 Stars): Unless you lack creative reasoning, I probably don't have to tell you that a Sharktopus is a horrific combination of shark and octopus (with some fun neck spikes thrown in for decoration). And the visual realization of this nightmarish entity is truly the selling point of this effective bit of bad movie mayhem. You'll be amazed how much out-of-the-water action this sea beast hybrid can endure. It's more like Crab-Shark or Spider-Shark or the old SNL classic Landshark (I kept expecting it to ring someone's doorbell to deliver the line "Candygram.") As it scampers around, the film's lunacy is a veritable goldmine of laugh out loud moments. The violence and gore is silly and appropriate. What, ultimately, held this tale back from pure poetry were the rather lackluster young leads. But with plenty of sight gags, "Sharktopus" is still a fair amount of fun. I loved this creature. But, in the end, its devastatingly real and heartfelt performance as a maniacal killer is let down by its bland human co-stars!

Jersey Shore Shark Attack (3 1/2 Stars): If the very idea of combining Jersey Shore with the monster mayhem of a traditional SyFy movie doesn't appeal to you instantly, then I doubt you will enjoy anything about "Jersey Shore Shark Attack." But let's face it, there are those of us who live for these silly creations! And the idea behind this picture is truly inspired. With an appealing cast taking on skewed representations of the real life personages of the famed MTV series (Nooki and The Complication are two character names), I wanted so badly for this to be a home run. There are many flashes of comic genius, but there are also stretches of sheer dullness as well. It's this uneven tone that disappoints, as if the screenwriter wasn't fully committed to making this as lunatic as it needed to be. As much as I want to say that "Jersey Shore Shark Attack" is a must-see, though, for lovers of bad movies, I still think it misses some of the potential to be a real genre classic. If you like this sort of thing (and you know who you are), you can have a bit of fun. I might recommend a few drinks to get you started! "Jersey Shore Shark Attack" works best at its most ludicrous, but (I can't believe I'm saying it) it's not quite ludicrous enough.

Bait (4 Stars): Perhaps the most surprising entry in the bunch, "Bait" takes an absolutely absurd scenario and plays it straight. This Australian import may not be a classic, but it works better than it has any right to! The high concept plot has a group of likable characters trapped in a flooded supermarket after a tsunami has ravaged the shore. With this flood water, a deadly predator has also come calling. While the CGI shark is not always as impressive as you might hope, this tale is actually saved by good performances. This isn't played for laughs or corniness but as real human drama. There are no heroes, just trapped survivors who you get to know and care about. Who, if anyone, will make it out alive? Surprisingly enough, I actually cared. KGHarris, 6/14.


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