Silencers, the ‎– Dance To The Holy Man -1991- Alternative Rock , Indie (German Import Vinyl)


Silencers ‎, The – Dance To The Holy Man -1991-  Alternative Rock , Indie (German Import Vinyl)

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The Silencers are a Scottish rock band formed in London in 1986 by Jimme O'Neill and Cha Burns, two ex-members of the post-punk outfit Fingerprintz. Their music is characterised by a melodic blend of pop, folk and traditional Celtic influences. Often compared to Scottish bands with a similar sound like Big CountryDel Amitri and The Proclaimers, The Silencers have distinguished themselves with their eclectic sounds, prolific output and continued career. Their first single, "Painted Moon," was a minor international hit and invited critical comparisons to Simple Minds and U2. In 1987 they released their first album A Letter From St. Paul, which included "Painted Moon" and another minor hit, "I See Red." Buoyed by the huge European hit "Bulletproof Heart", the band's third album Dance to the Holy Man is the band's commercial peak to date. Throughout the 1990s, The Silencers saw a popular taste shift away from their songwriter-based style of music toward grunge and electronic music.

Before forming The Silencers, vocalist Jimme O'Neill and guitarist Cha Burns were active in London's new wave music scene. O'Neill wrote songs for Paul Young and Lene Lovich, while Burns played guitar in Adam Ant's backing band during 1982–1984 together with Fingerprintz drummer Bogdan Wiczling. O'Neill, who, in the mid 1970s, had worked for a time as a clerical assistant in the Department of Health and Social Security, released a single for Oval Records in 1975, "Achin' in My Heart"/"Cold on Me", under the name Jimme Shelter (a throwback to the song, "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones).

Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~  9 slight general wear
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10 
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10) 
Side # 1  -10
Side # 2 - 10 amazing shape !!

bin # 143

Label:RCA ‎– PL 74924
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album 
Country:West German
Style:Pop Rock


A1 Singing Ginger 1:40
A2 Robinson Crusoe In New York 5:51
A3 Bulletproof Heart 4:59
A4 The Art Of Self Deception 5:16
A5 I Want You 4:05
A6 One Inch Of Heaven 7:32
B1 Hey Mister Bank Manager 3:39
B2 This Is Serious / John The Revelator 5:46
B3 Afraid To Love 3:27
B4 Rosanne 3:53
B5 Electric Storm 5:51
B6 When The Night Comes Down 3:25
B7 Robinson Rap 1:01

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