Uriah Heep ‎– Look At Yourself ( Clearance Vinyl )


Uriah Heep ‎– Look At Yourself ( Clearance Vinyl )
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Artist ~ Uriah Heep
Title -Look At Yourself 
Lable & Ser # ~ WB ‎Records / Bronze – BS 2869
Format ~ 1-discs, 7 tracks, Black Vinyl, 12-inch, 33rpm, LP.
Year of release ~ 1971 
Country Manufactured ~ Canada
Hard Rock, Classic Rock

Sleeve Condition ( Out of 10 ) ~6 - worn cover -gatefold
Label Condition ( Out of 10) ~10

Vinyl Condition ~ ( Out of 10 )
Side 1 ~ 5 definite marks
Side 2 ~ 5 definite marks


This section of the website is set up , exclusively for Vinyl Lps , that “ do not pass the grading standards ” , that we have established on this website. These lps are scratched or the covers may not be in the best of shape. I’ll try and give them a slight description. You can appreciate that I will not be giving them a lot of detail .

These are what we would call our “ Clearance Bin Online LPs ” .We’re certain that most of these will play. But you will have to look at them when you come to pick up an order. They’re something that you can leaf through and try. They’re sold “As Is” . A lot of my customers have been asking for this type of section, to make things a little more interesting.

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