Van Morrison - Bang Masters 1991 Music CD


    • Van Morrison - Bang Masters 1991 Music CD
    • Audio CD (Aug. 19 1991)
    • Number of Discs: 1
    • Label: Sony
    • ASIN: B0000027GX
    • mint used cd - # 1755

    Track Listings

    1. Brown Eyed Girl
    2. Spanish Rose
    3. Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
    4. Ro Ro Rosey
    5. Chick-A-Boom
    6. It's All Right
    7. Send Your Mind
    8. The Smile You Smile
    9. The Back Room
    10. Midnight Special
    11. T.B. Sheets
    12. He Ain't Give You None
    13. Who Drove The Red Sports Car
    14. Beside You
    15. Joe Harper Saturday Morning
    16. Madame George
    17. Brown Eyed Girl
    18. I Love You (The Smile You Smile)

    Product Description

    Van the Man's 1967 sessions for the Bang label birthed Brown Eyed Girl; Madame George; T.B. Sheets, and 15 more.

    There's a striking tension at work in these 18 tracks, which represent Van Morrison's first solo recordings. Conducted in New York in 1967 when the 21-year-old Morrison was formulating the spectral notions that took shape on the classic Astral Weeks, these sessions were helmed by hit-minded producer Bert Berns. Berns, who'd written and produced a successful single ("Here Comes the Night") for Morrison's old band, Them, came up with another worthy radio-friendly number with "Brown Eyed Girl." That oldies staple is an anomaly here, however. More representative is the diseased nine-minute-plus vamp "T.B. Sheets" and a couple of songs that turned up in more fluid form on Astral Weeks--"Beside You" and "Madame George." The latter two in nascent form are nearer to Morrison's gritty R&B roots than the dreamy, introspective path he'd soon explore. Bang Masters may be the work of a yearning visionary as reluctant pop star, but the friction feels right.

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