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Walk Among the Tombstones A, Mint DVD

Walk Among the Tombstones A, Mint DVD

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Walk Among the Tombstones A,  Mint DVD

If you are trying to watch or buy this movie thinking this is going to be like Taken, you will be disappointed. However, that does not mean this is not a good movie. It just means it does not have as much butt-kicking as in Taken or its sequels. Liam Neeson plays a retired cop who now works as a freelance private detective. He is hired by a drug-dealer to find out who kidnapped and took ransom money but still killed the drug-dealer's wife. So, this is a detective drama. While this movie is no Chinatown, this is a solid detective drama, and keeps you hooked for the duration of the movie right till the end. Liam Neeson gives an excellent performance.

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