Woods ,The (Bilingual) [Import] DVD


The Woods (Bilingual) [Import] DVD

There's just something about horror and boarding schools for girls. With the exception of Eastland (that's a Facts of Life reference), I can't think of any school for girls that isn't terrorized by a murderer or haunted by ghosts or witches. This boarding school is no exception, as there are all kinds of weird things going on behind its doors ' not to mention out in the surrounding woods. Set in 1965, The Woods has a nice, distinctive feel to it, and the creepy potential the film shows early on lasts all the way to the somewhat ridiculous climactic scenes near the end. The only real weakness here is the story, as the atmosphere remains dark and creepy throughout, and an excellent cast rises to every occasion, no matter how many horror movie clichés dot the landscape.

Heather Fasulo (Agnes Bruckner) finds herself at this secluded school largely because she is an embarrassment to her uncaring mother. Yes, there was the small matter of a little arson, but it doesn't take a Freud to figure out that Heather was acting out for the kind of attention her mother refused to give her. Heather isn't exactly happy in her new situation. She befriends a demure girl by the name of Marcy (Lauren Birkell), but she is immediately targeted for abuse by Samantha (Rachel Nichols), the leader of the cool girl school clique, who gives her the much-used moniker of Fire-Crotch. Heather also has a bad habit of getting into trouble, which does not endear her to her teachers. Still, Miss Traverse (Patricia Clarkson), the headmistress, shows a special interest in her, even giving her a scholarship based on Heather's performance on a strange, IQ-like test. Being special isn't necessarily a good thing at this school, though; special girls have an odd habit of disappearing.

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