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   Date: March 29th - April 2nd, 2024
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  • 25% off the entire order ! of Vintage Vinyl - Including Clearance & Overstocked
  • Retro Toys & Books
  • Retro Collectibles
  • Blu-Rays
  • DVDs
  • Star Wars & More !
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  • Shipping available to anywhere in the Maritimes and all parts of Canada:
    • 1-12 Vinyl Records: $24.95
    • 13-24 Vinyl Records: $35.99
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  • Convenient pickup services available at the mentioned location (all orders must be placed online in advance).
  • Allow at least 12-24 hours after placing an order for pickup or shipping.
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  • All Major Credit Cards: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.
  • COD Pick Up option available

Use Bonus Code RETRO15 at check out , for 15% discount ( No Current expiry ) April 03 2024

Use Bonus Code RETRO15 at check out , for 15% discount , on the website

  15% off the entire order - including Vintage Vinyl,  Retro Toys & Books,  Blu Rays, DVDs, CDs  & all collectibles

  •   No minimum purchase requirement
  •   All customers
  •   No usage limits
  •   Can’t combine with another discount
  •   there will still be sales from time to time, for members
  • Once an order is placed , please allow a day or two for local pick up. Tracking numbers will follow on orders being shipped out.        



Lots & lots of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal albums are still available , Alice Cooper,  Deep Purple, Queen , Aerosmith ++ Psychedelic music, jazz, and Classic Rock as well ! the last 6 weeks we have built a large inventory , with many titles still available. Check the website.

NEW SHIPPING RATES ACROSS CANADA Effective Feb 15/23 ( No shipping outside of Canada ) February 19 2023

                                             Please Note 

                    "Free Shipping has Ended, Across Canada"

We are adjusting our SHIPPING RATE Guidelines , because of the confusion that Canada Post has caused for Small Businesses in Canada . 2022 saw two price increases at Canada Post ( one was hidden ) Plus an increase in the Fuel Surcharge. Subsequently Small Business is suffering in Canada  , with the uncalled for added expense . We've also lost the  ability to price shipping properly. It's now different all over the country . Here is appropriate and fair pricing , in accordance to their changes.


                    SHIPPING ON   1 - 12 records anywhere in Canada - $24.99
                    SHIPPING ON 13 - 24 records anywhere in Canada -$34 .99

This will still be fair as it will cost me more , to  ship in some remote areas , even at this pricing . 
 ( subject to an increase accordingly for far remote areas , with a quote )

" HORROR CULT CLASSICS " Section Added (NEW) July 14 2017


Whatever you're looking for in Horror rarities , please ask ~ i have over 350 to add to this New section and it takes time to get them listed on the site . 

This section is under DVDs - There are some awesome B Horror Classics to choose from. It will take a few weeks to get most of them imputed online, so if you are looking for anything in particular , please contact me.

CLEARANCE VINYL - now available- take a look July 14 2017


Items that are discounted will HAVE to be picked up. 
There will be no shipping options for these products.


This section of the website is set up , exclusively for Vinyl Lps , that “ do not pass the grading standards ” , that we have established on this website. These lps are scratched or the covers may not be in the best of shape. I’ll try and give them a slight description. You can appreciate that I will not be giving them a lot of detail .
 Two Fer has been added, giving you 2-3 lps for the price of one! And now Overstocked items are being added every day.

This is what we  call our “ Clearance Vinyl ” . We’re certain that most of these will play. But you will have to look at them when you come to pick up an order. They’re something that you can leaf through and try. They’re all 100% guaranteed . ( with replacemnt of the same value ) A lot of my customers have been asking for this type of section, to make things a little more interesting .

Rock Legend Gregg Allman Dead At 69 May 29 2017

Allman Brothers Band Frontman Dead At 69

We’re devastated to report that Gregg Allman, frontman for Southern rock legends The Allman Brothers Band, has died at the age of 69.

A trailblazer in the Southern rock world whose unique approach to songwriting and composition gave way to the heady brew of soul, blues, and country music that was seminal act The Allman Brothers Band, Allman’s loss is one that cannot be overstated. He became the band’s frontman in 1971 after brother and Allman Brothers Band co-founder, Duane Allman, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident at the age of 24, remaining one of Southern rock’s most fiercely respected players and an avid performer whose love for music saw him perform up until the last weeks of his life.

Allman is survived by his wife, Shannon Allman, 5 children, 3 grandchildren and a legion of friends and fans around the world who will devote the rest of their days to ensuring that Gregg Allman’s musical legacy will be exalted until the end of time.

Rest In Peace, Gregg. Hug Duane, Berry, and Butch for us – you must be having one hell of a jam session.

Star Wars Comes to Retro Revolution Records .... November 13 2015

It all began a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Now continue the struggle between the Rebel Alliance, defenders of justice, and the evil and corrupt Empire. These are authentic and detailed replicas of the original vehicles seen in the movies Star Wars , The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Follow the elusive Rebel Heroes Luke Skywalker and Han Solo as they battle the Empire's mighty war fleets commanded by Lord Darth Vader. And May the Force be with you.....
In the weeks to come... there will be Toys, Models ,figures, Glasses and other memorabilia ,from the original 1977 - 1984 release of the three movies. all up on Retro Revolution Records .
when you have time, go onto the site and look at the items up for sale ( under Collectibles - or just put Star Wars in the Search ) ...There will be something for everyone . This will eventually expand into a separate Science Fiction Memorabilia category on the website.
I hope everyone enjoys the release of the new movie in December and that it spawns the next generation of fans , and they love it as much as we have over the years !



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