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If you’re looking for a great deal, check out our Bargain Bin Records! This Clearance Section will offer lots of vinyl records and other collectibles at a great price!

A treasure trove for music enthusiasts who want to discover hidden gems without breaking the bank. There'll be something for everyone!

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This section will have pictures, a description of the vinyl, and pricing only, because of time restraints. Pricing will be as shown, giving you the lowest pricing possible. No further discounts can be applied - Unless we're running a special on this section.


Our shipping rates are: ( In CANADA only )

- $24.95 for up to 12 albums shipped ( 1-12 )
- $34.99 for up to 24 albums shipped ( 13+ )

Email at for rates for US & International Shipping

Actual Canada Post rates are applied

Bargain Bin