1987 [Blu-ray] New Sealed


1987 [Blu-ray] New Sealed

The year 1987 is one in which the prime artistic creator of this 2014 Québec movie from Les Films Seville (the Canadian DVD edition viewed being Seville/Entertainment-One 201987-DV), Ricardo Trogi himself, was making his way from 17 to 18, finishing high school, with a whole lot of trouble along the way. How many of these adventurous mishaps the film's screenwriter, director, and co-producer, Ricardo Trogi, really endured, as actor Jean-Carl Boucher plays Trogi's teenage self, is not for me to say, but I would vouch that if only half of it is true, Trogi ended his adolescence in a blaze of merrily addlepated glory. One problem complicates one or more of the other hassles besetting him in comically ingenious ways.

Much of the film details young Trogi's girlfriend problem, but there is much, much more, including his soon-thwarted attempts at the ancestral Italian métier of crime, along with misunderstanding of the motives of friends as well as of those of the young ladies. This is a comedy, not a full-out farce, so one smiles wryly and chuckles a bit at well-positioned moments, rather than falls into hysterical laughter every minute or so along the way. However, the complications in the lad's life do pile on more quickly as the film progresses. To reveal or even to hint more specifically than that concerning what this film is about would confront me with accusations of revealing "spoilers" about the plot, so I shall leave matters at what the potential purchaser has just read about this delightful motion picture.

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