A Files: Alien Songs -Alvin and the Chipmunks CD


A Files: Alien Songs -Alvin and the Chipmunks CD


I always thought Alvin was the best singer out of all of the group (I even like his voice out of all of them too, and even my friend agreed with me), since he could hit the perfect melody, the right pitch, and high soprano sounding really smooth and husky when needed, even though he's the one that usually sings the lead. The others are great, but his tone appeals to ME the most. My personal favorite is "Purple People Eater", in here Alvin's voice really stands out, and in some parts, though still squeaky but controlled, is silky and to the beat. Another is "Rocket Man", though I would have preferred it without Dave interrupting, and "Mr. Spaceman" (I had fun with this one). As for The Chipettes, I definitely like "Venus".


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