Air Bud: Basketball Playing Dog DVD - Used / Mint


Air Bud: Basketball Playing Dog DVD - Used / Mint


This movie is sad,exciting,and hopeful. Its sad because of how that dumb clown (the original owner of air bud) treats him badly. . That dog doesnt belong at the circus! He belongs on the court,or the field. Thats basicly what its about. The dog wonders into this young teenager boys yard and the boy helps take all the rags of him and feeds him pudding. The dog keeps coming back and back intil' the question of each day is ''Mom?...Can I keep him?''. Wonce the clown finds out where is dog is and who is now taking care of him he brings them to court. ''The dog is to go to who ever he does. Began calling'' said the judge. The dog goes to the clown and tears up his newspaper then runs as fast as he can to the kid. Good classic film but not as good as Air Bud World Pup which is air bud's latest movie.


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