Argent ‎– Nexus -1974 - Prog Rock (vinyl)


Argent ‎– Nexus -1974 - Prog Rock (vinyl)

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Original members of the band were Rod Argent, bassist Jim Rodford (Argent's cousin and formerly with the Mike Cotton Sound), drummer Bob Henrit and guitarist/keyboardist Russ Ballard (both formerly with The Roulettes and Unit 4 + 2).[1] Lead vocal duties were shared between Ballard, Rodford and Argent.

The first three demos from Argent, recorded in the autumn of 1968 featured Mac MacLeod on bass guitar, though he would not become a member of the group.[2] Rod Argent, Chris White (former Zombies bassist, producer, songwriter) and Russ Ballard were the group's songwriters.

When Ballard left in 1974, he was replaced by guitarist/vocalist John Verity and guitarist John Grimaldi. This lineup produced two albums and a film that was never released (though a clip is available to view on John Verity's website). The band's decision to stop touring late in 1976 has never been fully explained, though the decision might have been influenced by the declining health of one of its members. Rodford, Henrit and Verity briefly continued together under the name Phoenix before going their separate ways, with first Rodford and then Henrit becoming members of The Kinks.[3] Meanwhile, Rod Argent went on to work with Andrew Lloyd Webber, and to produce a couple of solo albums. He also opened a keyboard shop in the West End of London.

The original Argent lineup reunited at the High Voltage Festival in Victoria Park, London on 25 July 2010, and undertook a short five-date concert tour in December 2010, with gigs in Frome, Southampton, Wolverhampton, Leamington Spa and London.[citation needed]Argent also reunited for a five show tour in January-February 2012, for one last time, before performing one last show in Ayelsbury for a benefit concert on 2 June 2013

Label:Epic ‎– KE 32573
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album

Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~ 7 overall cover age wear - label in corner / with inner sleeve 
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10 
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10) 
Side 1 - 10 
side 2 - 10 
BIN # *100


A1 The Coming Of Kohoutek 3:10
A2 Once Around The Sun 2:20
A3 Infinite Wanderer 3:02
A4 Love 3:51
A5 Music From The Spheres 8:10
B1 Thunder And Lightning 5:05
B2 Keeper Of The Flame 6:02
B3 Man For All Reasons 4:44
B4 Gonna Meet My Maker 4:35

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