Beetras Insect Armored Corps Variable Beet Zeguna - Imai NO.B1476 Model Kit


Beetras Insect Armored Corps Variable Beet Zeguna - Imai NO.B1476 Model Kit


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In 1982, Takatoku released its best-known creation, the Macross toyline and accompanying anime series. The Macross Valkyrie figure was revolutionary for the time, introducing the concept of "kanzen henkei" ("perfectly transforming") robot toys — while many earlier toys had featured transformations (since Popy's DX Raideen figure), this was the first to give equal priority to robot and vehicle modes, instead of just to robot modes. It was also the first to feature something approaching a realistic vehicle as an alternate mode, paving the way for Diaclone.

Macross was a huge success, but the following series Super Dimension Century Orguss (超時空世紀オーガス, chōjikū seiki ōgasu) and Special Armored Battalion Dorvack (特装機兵ドルバック, tokusō kihei dorubākku) were expensive disasters. The company's final line was Armored Insect Corps Beetras (機甲虫隊ビートラス, kikō mushi-tai bītorasu), which only contained three released figures (a fourth only got as far as the prototype stage) and had no supporting anime series,

After bankruptcy finally came in 1984, their designs were purchased by Bandai, who subsequently licensed some of the molds to Hasbro, who were desperate to meet demand for new Transformers figures. At the time, Bandai themselves had a minimal American presence, and tended to license toys to American companies rather than distribute them themselves.


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