Best of Grand Funk Railroad CD


"The Best Of Grand Funk (Railroad)" contains ten original hits from the hard rock outfit from Flint, Michigan. All of the group's hits featured in this collection cover the band's most productive period between 1969 and 1975. The first half of the disc has songs from Grand Funk's "heavy metal" period, such as the charming "Time Machine", the bluesy "Mean Mistreater" and the upbeat remake of Traffic's "Feelin' Alright". There's even the butchered single edit version of "Closer To Home", which is regarded as one of their best songs by many (the full-length album version, that is). The second half of this disc features tracks from Grand Funk's commercial period, including their raucous rock anthem "We're An American Band" and the infectious "Bad Time", among others. Although this CD contains a sampling of some of GFR's better known classics, it is most likely not recommended for the die-hard Funk fan. Completists of this group will find "Collector's Series" or even the double-CD "Thirty Years Of Funk" more to their liking, since these two anthologies contain more songs. On a slightly smaller scale, "The Best Of Grand Funk" is highly recommended for more casual fans of this legendary band's music.


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