Birchmountain Bluegrass Band -The Day It Rained - 1989 (Rare maritime Bluegrass) Vinyl


Birchmountain Bluegrass Band -The Day It Rained - 1989 (Rare maritime Bluegrass) Vinyl

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The Birch Mountain Bluegrass Band could never have been described as an overnight success. The band had been 20 years in the making. This group went through the process of evolution since its inception, by Larry Boutilier Jr., in 1977. Over the years the band had been home to a series of talented, award-winning players in the genre and delighted audiences with their intricate acoustical patterns and rich harmonies, which are the trademarks of the traditional bluegrass sound.

The members of the group played an array of instruments among them-fiddle, banjo, guitar, bass and mandolin. They complemented their play with strong vocal presentations and tight harmony work. Their repertoire was extensive, featuring a balanced blend of traditional pieces and original compositions. The group's early recording consisted of the single "The Day It Rained" which showcased Larry's songwriting expertise which evolved over the years to place him among one of Canada's best.

But it was their CD entitled "From Us to You" that caught the attention of the East Coast Music Awards. The Birch Mountain Bluegrass Band was nominated in 2001 and secured the win to the delight of their many fans and supporters. They went on to win "Bluegrass Recording of The Year" three years in a row. Birchmountain's music is timeless and will appeal to anyone who enjoy quality steeped in tradition. 

Bio Credited to Buffy & Larry and others on SoundCloud.

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