Blood Moon 2015 Horror DVD New


Blood Moon 2015 Horror DVD New

The film takes place in 1887 Colorado. Two bank robbers hold a group of stage coach riders hostage in a saloon/ stage coach stop. A sheriff and a Navajo woman are on their trail. Meanwhile stories of a shapeshifter Skin Walker abound as we anticipate the werewolf scene.

The characters in the story have their secrets, but they are presented in a way that doesn't make the characters or the film overly interesting. The hostage scene dragged on way too long as we awaited to see a man in a bad wolf suit...Oh look, the mouth moved a little! The dialogue does have some meager attempts at humor. The wanted posters in the background of Tom Nixon and the Apache Kid are from 1877, kudos for doing your homework as many indies create anachronisms at this point. The film suggests a sequel.

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