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Breed ,The dvd - Michelle Rodriguez

Breed ,The dvd - Michelle Rodriguez

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 Breed ,The dvd - Michelle Rodriguez

Not since Cujo has man's best friend become his worst enemy. Whereas the previous attacks were caused by rabies, this time around it's the result of genetic engineering gone wrong.

A group of young friends make their way to an isolated island where they expect to spend a wild time full of drinking, partying, and debauchery. What they find instead is a large pack of vicious dogs protecting their island; or, as one character put it, "scary-a@# lassies" looking for food. Although, one scene in which dogs are swimming after a person is completely hilarious, because we all know that in the water, human is far superior. It would have just been a matter of holding breath, and drowning a few dogs. As for real plot, it's simply Darwinian, survival of the fittest.

I'm sure there is a morality lesson about playing God in there somewhere, but I didn't care and I hardly noticed.

With nice special effects, production, cinematography, and pretty fair acting, it's what one would expect from a Wes Craven production. The acting is particularly astute (especially the four-legged actors), and aside from Michelle Rodriguez, the cast is comprised of pretty good young actors who we've all seen before, but can't name. Actually, the thing that's great about Rodriguez is crystal clear in this movie. Even as a leading lady, she can't shake the "tough" chick persona. I was waiting for her to snap a dog's spine over her knee during the entire movie.

It has typical horror elements, like the moron who descends into the basement towards his demise - in this case genetically engineered, mutant dogs with a taste for human flesh - is waiting in the dark. At times the idiocy makes you want to scream at the screen, "Climb a tree genius!" Thankfully, however, the "black guy dies first"-rule isn't followed until Noah (Hill Harper) provides some laughs with funny one-liners like "crazy-a&* old yellers". Given the concept, it's more advanced than one would think, with one great scene where the dogs make their eventual assault on the cabin - straight from a classic zombie movie. The story and character development is crisp, creating just enough empathy for the characters and their predicament, however unreal it may be


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