Car ,The ( Widescreen/Full Screen ) [Import] - James Brolin DVD


Car ,The ( Widescreen/Full Screen ) [Import] - James Brolin DVD

From the moment I first saw this movie, I knew that I too wanted a devil car! An unstoppable juggernaut of steel, chrome and rubber, tearing down the road at impossible speeds! Yes! James Brolin as lawman Wade Parent must face this rumbling terror before it runs down every pedestrian in his small town. Nothing seems to deter the car, as bullets bounce off of it just like people do! This is no ordinary vehicle. At one point, while being chased by police cars, it pulls a sharp turn, sending itself tumbling into and over the pursuing cruisers! Then, the car just drives away without a scratch, leaving the burning squadcars behind it! Who or what is driving this machine of mass murder? Can it be stopped or will it simply run everyone under it's hungry wheels? Watch this one now! You'll want a devil car too...

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