Catch Me If You Can (Widescreen) [DVD] Mint / Used DVD


Catch Me If You Can (Widescreen) [DVD] Mint / Used DVD 

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I’m giving this Five stars count them now five Stars, this was the very first movie I’ve watched with
Leonardo DiCaprio an man I got to say what a great movie it is, this is what you call a real Family tragedy,
this is so sad an not the sad you’re thinking about, family sad to think you could not be loved even if
you’re not to the expectations of you parents, you know like when they want you to be what they think you
shouldn't be just because they know what’s right for you, sometimes that works out for all involved but
when the S... hits the fan they protect you but if you’re bad you stay bad to the bone in their eyes, with no love,
I know this is a true story of a kid who turn into a man real fast when he was caught, an to think the same man
that arrested him saw something in him that know one did, how to use his brain in the most productive way,
I Absolutely Love This Dam Movie

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