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Choke [Import] DVD

Choke [Import] DVD

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Choke [Import] DVD

Things are not going well today for middle-aged businessman Henry (Dennis Hopper). His young daughter (Chelsy Reynolds) has possibly killed a man in a drunken hit-and-run accident and a slimy business cohort (Roy Tate) is pressuring him to take part in yet another shadowy deal that Henry wants no part of. The stress builds to the point where Henry nearly strangles the con man to death in a public bathroom after he finds out the man knows about his daughter's accident. Though he stops short of killing him, when Henry goes back into the bathroom to check on the man, he finds him dead. Henry quickly throws the body out the window, with plans to pick it up and hide it later. Little does Henry know that the entire episode has been witnessed by a stranger named Will (Michael Madsen), a professional hit man who just happens to have a body of his own in the trunk of his car. He offers to help dispose of the body for Henry, but at a price.

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