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Code Conspiracy ,The - 2010 DVD

Code Conspiracy ,The - 2010 DVD

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This is a unique and mature espionage action film
with political and religious themes.
I was initially attracted by the plot.
It did not disappoint, although it has
a few holes that may or may not be filled
by another viewing.
It seems there is a code, encryption,
in the Pentateuch, the first five books
of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible for Christians,
called the Torah by the Jewish religion.
There is also keyless encryption that has
been developed by a small company.
Those obsessed with money, power and paranoid
politics want to possess and suppress the codes
for a variety of reasons.
Interesting characters and plenty of suspense
and action in addition to the political, scientific,
philosophical and theological aspects of the story
make it very entertaining.
This is a movie worthy of repeated viewing.

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