Poppy Family, The ‎– Poppy Seeds -Rare 1971 Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock (vinyl)


Poppy Family, The ‎– Poppy Seeds -Rare 1971 Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock

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Seventeen-year-old Susan Pesklevits met Terry Jacks in the mid-1960s when he appeared as a guest on the national teen TV show Music Hop where she was a regular performer. She later called Jacks to accompany her on rhythm guitar for one of her live performances and eventually, with the addition of Craig McCaw on lead guitar, although she continued to make solo television appearances, Susan decided to dedicate all her live performances to the newly formed trio. The name Poppy Family was chosen when Susan, Terry and Craig were searching for a new name and came across it in the dictionary. Susan and Terry were married in 1967 and Susan Pesklevits became Susan Jacks. Craig McCaw later introduced Satwant Singh on tablas and the Poppy Family's unique sound was complete.

With Susan Jacks on lead vocals, harmony vocals and percussion, Terry Jacks on rhythm guitar and occasional vocals, Craig McCaw on guitar/sitar and Satwant Singh on tablas/drums and other percussion, the group recorded their first album, from which came their international hit "Which Way You Goin' Billy?" (#1 in Canada, #1 in Cashbox and #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100). The album also produced "That's Where I Went Wrong" (#9 in Canada, #29 in the US). "Which Way You Goin' Billy?" and "That's Where I Went Wrong" were both Top 10 Adult Contemporary chart hits as well.

Their second and last album Poppy Seeds was recorded with studio musicians after Terry Jacks released Satwant and Craig following their engagement at Expo 70 in Japan in 1970. Although the Poppy Family name continued to be used, Terry's participation as a musician and singer was limited. Poppy Seeds contained their hits "Where Evil Grows" (#6 in Canada, #45 US), "Good Friends?" (#10 in Canada, "Bubbling Under" #105, and Adult Contemporary chart, US), "Tryin'" (#12 Country chart in Canada), "I Was Wondering" (#3 AC in Canada, US Top #100), "No Good To Cry" (#8 in Canada, US Top #100), and "I'll See You There" (#1 AC chart in Canada). "Where Evil Grows" and "Good Friends?" both also hit the US AC chart. The Poppy Family's first two Canadian releases were "Beyond the Clouds" (1968), "What Can The Matter Be?" (1969).

At their career peak, Susan and Terry appeared on Bobby Darin's successful 1970 television variety special, The Darin Invasion, which was filmed in Canada. They also appeared on other variety shows including Rollin' On The River with Kenny Rogers and The George Kirby Special. The duo invariably lip-synced their television appearances and, although Susan sang her own harmony vocals, when performing "Which Way You Goin' Billy?" Terry lip synced the harmonies to give a "group like" appearance on television. Susan enjoyed performing live, but Terry did not want to tour and their career ultimately suffered.

The "Which Way You Goin' Billy?" single earned the group two 1970 Gold Leaf (Juno) Awards as well as two Moffatt Awards in 1970. The Juno Award is Canada's equivalent of the Grammy Award. The single version of "Which Way You Goin' Billy" went on to sell a total of more than 3½ million worldwide, and was awarded a million-selling Gold disc from the RIAA.[1]

The Poppy Family name was dropped in 1972 and, although Terry had been releasing singles under his own name since 1970, together they recorded their solo albums, Susan Jacks' I Thought of You Again and Terry Jacks' Seasons in the Sun. Susan left the marriage in early 1973 before the albums were released.

Label:London Records ‎– PS 599 ( Royal Blue Label )
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album 
Genre:Rock, Pop
Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~ 9 light wear
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10)
Side 1 - 9 ( slight marks on lp )
side 2 -  9 ( slight marks on lp )  
BIN # *40 / 59 - Cover - 7 slight wear / vinyl - 8 of 10 
BIN # 132 - Perfect cover / light mark on side 2 - close to mint


A1 No Good To Cry 2:35
A2 Tryin' 3:03
A3 Good Friends? 2:37
A4 I Started Loving You Again 2:14
A5 I'll See You There 3:17
A6 I Was Wondering 3:00
B1 Where Evil Grows 2:48
B2 Living Too Close To The Ground 2:12
B3 Someone Must Have Jumped 3:40
B4 So Used To Loving You 1:59
B5 Remember The Rain 2:46
B6 Winter Milk 3:25

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