Cptn Tom Gallant - Saltwater Heart -. Country/Folk/Jazz (music Cd)


Cptn Tom Gallant - Saltwater Heart -. Country/Folk/Jazz  (music Cd)

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TOM GALLANT . Country/Folk/Jazz Saltwater Heart Rogue Wave· RDRCD·118 Label him what you want, but "Cap'n" Tom Gallant serves up a wild and crazy potpourri of entertainment that spans, and defies all music genres. Although his roots are country, he has mixed enough Dixieland, honky·tonk, hurtin', toe·tappin', blues, jazz and Cajun wacky·doo offerings here to create a switchboard dilemna. Anyone of these tracks, all Gallant originals, would signal a deluge of listener calls. In· cludes Hero Stompin' Tom, his tribute to country/folk legend Stompin' Tom Connors, a humorous little ditty he designed specifically for the tour he is currently on with Connors. There's an edgy drama to Gallant's vocal power and his live theatre experience (Pump Boys & Dinettes), serves to crank up his projection more than a few decibels. Much of the album was recorded and mixed by Jim McCurdy at New York's Side Pocket Sound. Hero Stompin' Tom was produced by Glenn Meisner with engineer Karl Falkenham at Studio H, CBC Halifax. Front·rack this one. (CD reviewed)

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