Darkwing Duck Volume 2 (Bilingual) 3 Disc DVD Set


Darkwing Duck Volume 2 (Bilingual) 3 Disc DVD Set


t's time to "get dangerous" with everyone's absolute favorite feather-brained crime fighter, Darkwing Duck. The self-proclaimed Terror That Flaps In The Night" ihas returned to keep the streets of St. Canard safe from the weirdest, wackiest flock of criminals ever assembled. Along with daughter Gosalyn and dim but loyal sidekick Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing faces angry Christmas trees, ancient pirates and mutant cabbages from outer space in his zaniest adventures yet. With three discs packed with hilarious adventures, DARKWING DUCK: VOLUME 2 packs a gaggle of giggles and thrills that fit the bill.


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