Dick Gregory ‎– So You See... We All Have Problems -1964- Non-Music Comedy (vinyl)


Dick Gregory ‎– So You See... We All Have Problems -1964- Non-Music Comedy (vinyl)

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Gregory was a poor student who excelled at running, and was aided by teachers at Sumner High School, among them Warren St. James. Gregory earned a track scholarship to Southern Illinois University Carbondale.[1] There he set school records as a half-miler and miler. His college career was interrupted for two years in 1954 when he was drafted into the United States Army. The Army was where he got his start in comedy, entering and winning several Army talent shows at the urging of his commanding officer, who had taken notice of Gregory's penchant for joking. In 1956, Gregory briefly returned to SIU after his discharge, but dropped out because he felt that the university "didn't want me to study, they wanted me to run."

In the hopes of performing comedy professionally, Gregory moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he became part of a new generation of black comedians that included Nipsey Russell, Bill Cosby, and Godfrey Cambridge, all of whom broke with the minstrel tradition that presented stereotypical black characters. Gregory drew on current events, especially racial issues, for much of his material: "Segregation is not all bad. Have you ever heard of a collision where the people in the back of the bus got hurt?

Label:Colpix Records ‎– SCP 480
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo
Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~ 9 corner wear - great condition for the age
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10)
Side 1 - 10
side 2 - 10
BIN # 101


A1 Governor Wallace 3:36
A2 Tanganyika 0:35
A3 Jimmy Hoffa 0:30
A4 His Daughters 3:20
A5 Cigarettes-Mothers-In-Laws 5:35
A6 The Muslims 7:35
B1 His Neighborhood 2:30
B2 The Stall-In--Rockefeller 1:35
B3 Johnson-Krushchev 2:45
B4 Newspapers 2:30
B5 Southern Justice? 3:50
B6 Policemen 4:05
B7 The New Negro-Cuba-Catholicism 3:15

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