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Exploitation Cinema Terror / Satan's Slaves - New DVD

Exploitation Cinema Terror / Satan's Slaves - New DVD

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Exploitation Cinema Terror / Satan's Slaves - New DVD

SATAN'S SLAVE, the weaker of these two films, stars beautiful Candace Glendenning as a young woman who is the descendant of a powerful and evil witch. After her parents are killed in a suspicious accident, she goes to live with an uncle and his son, and soon after she discovers that her relatives plan to sacrifice her during a ritual that will resurrect her infamous ancestor.

While the acting is okay and the directing adequate, the script for SATAN'S SLAVE is rather uneven and the plot is overly convoluted and hard to follow. As an exploitation horror flick, however, this film delivers the goods with plenty of gratuitous nudity and numerous gore shots that include a smashed head, a bloody suicide, and a gruesome eyeball stabbing.

The second film, TERROR, is the actual highlight of this double feature. It opens as a mob of medieval villagers capture a fleeing witch and attempt to burn her at the stake. The witch calls upon satanic forces to rescue her from her the flames, and as she escapes, she places a curse upon the descendants of the noblewoman who incited the villagers to rise up against her. This entire scene is then revealed to be the ending of a horror film, and the filmmaker claims that the story is based upon true events from his own family history. He and his female cousin, he says, are the last descendants of the noblewoman whose family was cursed by the witch. Naturally, there is skepticism among the audience for whom he has just screened the film. But at a wrap party later that evening, the filmmaker's cousin falls into a trance and attacks him with a sword...and he and his cousin begin to worry that the family curse just might be real after all


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