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Forest,The - 1980's Slasher Horror DVD

Forest,The - 1980's Slasher Horror DVD

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Two couples are planning camping trips, the wives planning one together, and the husbands one together. (Odd marriages, I see.) Earlier, we see another couple on a hike, and after the husband is killed, the wife is chased around for a bit and killed off as well. (Evidently, someone's out there, killing--as if we didn't figure that out already). Anyhow, the couples plan to meet up that night after the hike starts. But, as figured, someone is out there. Sharon and Teddie, the wives, are plagued by specters of some sort, until Teddie is killed, and Sharon is sent running. Then the husbands (whose names I forgot) meet up with someone in a cave, hoping to escape the rain, and they are offered some meat cooking over the fire. (Take a wild guess at what--or rather, who--it is) The man tells them a story about himself and his wife, and their children (which pretty much explains the ghosts) and soon the men are plagued by terror. Things go on as expected from there, as Sharon fights to survive in the woods, and the evil surviving man searches for her and Teddie, until the it's-been-done-before climax.

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