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Garnet Rogers - Night Drive 1996 Music Cd ( Maritime Folk )

Garnet Rogers - Night Drive 1996 Music Cd ( Maritime Folk )

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Garnet Rogers - Night Drive 1996 Music Cd ( Maritime Folk )

    • Audio CD (Sept. 19 1996)
    • Number of Discs: 1
    • Label: Snowgoose
    • ASIN: B00006L6BX
    • mint used cd - #1760
  • If you're a folkie or just like plain good singer/songwriter music, buy this CD.

    The first time I saw Garnet Rogers on his own was slightly after the recording of this CD. I had toddler twins at home, and was a member of the local folk club where he was playing. This was in the back room of a most excellent Mexican Restaurant in the DC area, The Tortilla Factory.

    Garnet, as always, blew me away. His performance was incredible, he was funny and gracious, and he held my heart with his beautiful songs, both his own and the ones he found and picked. On this album, the song "Seeds of Hope" became a favorite of my children (I learned to play it soon after that, since I bought the CD at the concert), and as I understand, it has found its way into a few hymnals. "Love's Been Linked to the Blues", a rather hilarious David Olney song, stood out, and so did "Jesus and Elvis", written by his good friend Greg Brown, and the heartrending "Colliertown, and "Phone Booth", which deals with a failed abusive relationship from the ABUSER'S point of view, where the man knows he's done wrong but can't let go.

    I thought I was knocked flat until he pulled out the old Strat for his last number. Night Drive is at once an elegy and tribute to Garnet's late elder brother Stan, well-known Canadian Folk music legend. Even then, over ten years after the tragedy that took him early from us, Garnet was still dealing, and had used this song to help him through the catharsis and share it. I wept. The lines "I love you more after all this time/ I wish I'd shown you better" hit a painful note in all of us who've suffered loss -- and who hasn't?

    Today, over 10 years after the release of the song, Garnet sings it differently, perhaps having moved on with the grief to celebrating his brother's life and brilliance. Last time I saw him, earlier this year, he was playing "Northwest Passage" with it, Stan's classic, and, as he always does, his performance took my breath away.

    This is what Garnet calls "loud folk". It stirs the heart and soul, it makes you think, and laugh, and cry. This is art, own it. You will not regret your purchase.
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