Gate [Import] Mint DVD


Gate [Import] Mint DVD

Cool as hell cheesy 80's film with some really awesome fx and stop animation monsters in the vain of "Demons", "House", "The Evil Dead series", "Critters", "trick or treat" or even "The Goonies". Young Stephen Dorff and his best friend accidentally open the gates of hell in their back yard and all hell breaks loose!! Now, their home is haunted by miniature ugly demons, zombies, monster, black magik, ghosts and Satan itself and the only way to stop evil from taking the world is by following the rules Metal!!!! the only way to save the world is by playing a satanic metal record backward and follow the rules. I first saw this movie almost 15 years ago, I was 12 and thought it was the coolest movie ever, now I'm 27 and some very cool memories were brought back...even dough it wasn't what I expected some very cool stuff still there. The Gate is not the best movie b-movie ever made, it's very far from it, but is not bad at all, I find it very cool and entertaining even if it has some very ugly and cheesy 80's fashion, dialogue and synth music, but what else could you expect from an 80's low budget B- movie. So give it a try and you will find a very entertaining flick with some very cool fx. Do not expect anything big, but for some great laugh and a good time sake, you should be very pleased.  ~ amazon review

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