Hellmouth BD+DVD [Blu-ray] New


Hellmouth BD+DVD [Blu-ray] New

Foresight Features, the studio behind Monster Brawl and Exit Humanity, has teamed up with acclaimed writer Tony Burgess for a 1950's style horror/fantasy throwback entitled Hellmouth. Directed by John Geddes (Exit Humanity), the film stars Stephen McHattie (PontyPool, The Watchmen) as Charlie Baker, a dying grave keeper who's forced to take one final job. The film also features an eclectic cast including female lead Siobhan Murphy, Julian Richings, Boyd Banks, the star of Exit Humanity, Mark Gibson and some iconic cameo's including, Bruce McDonald (PontyPool). An ode to classic horror and fantasy, Hellmouth is a VFX spectacle that chronicles Charlie Baker's dark descent through gothic landscapes, demonic worlds and medieval realms as he journeys to discover the secret behind a mysterious cemetery

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